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Have you ever thought about working for yourself? About having a business to call your own where your earning potential, your freedom, and your impact are unlimited? Not surprising, most people have had a similar dream. The difference between them and you is that it’s not just a dream. You’re here. You’re taking action and going for GREAT.

There’s never been a better time to be a recruiting professional and no better place than Patrice & Associates.

You’ve found the top recruiting and staffing franchise firm for our core niche restaurants, hospitality, and food service and many other industries we help on a daily basis. All at the managerial level and above. That includes lucrative c-suite and executive search placement. Yes, staffing expertise is applicable anywhere, that’s why Patrice franchisees work across such a broad range of industries, up and down the org chart, coast to coast in the US and Canada. What does all that mean? That’s simple… it means GREAT opportunity. If you’re ready to make your move, we are too!

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Why become a Patrice & Associates franchise owner?

You’ve found the top recruiter in North America that’s been changing people’s lives for the better for decades. Find out why here…

The times are right to be a staffing and recruiting professional, helping companies in our core niche of Hospitality as well as companies in other industries that approach us daily for recruitment support.

Here’s why…

“We hear every day from our member companies—of every size and industry, across nearly every state—they’re facing unprecedented challenges trying to find enough workers to fill open jobs. Right now, the latest data shows that we have 9.8 million job openings in the U.S., but only 5.9 million unemployed workers.”
~ U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Restaurant and Hospitality Industries will continue to be red hot for the foreseeable future.
Here are the facts:

Restaurant & Hospitality will lead the way in terms of biggest growth prospects.
That’s Patrice’s sweet spot!

Labor challenges continue
to be the number one concern
for restaurant owners.
You can help!

There are over 700,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, 91,000 in the US alone.
They all need managerial talent!

10% of the total global workforce is employed by the tourism industry. You’ll have no shortage of opportunities.

Want info about employment trends in general?

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Fast facts about
Patrice & Associates

  • Recognized as one of the top franchises to invest in under $100K.
  • Coast-to-coast across North America.
  • Prime territories available, and the ability for you to have a national presence.
  • A brand employers and hiring managers recognize.
  • A proven, time-tested system for success.
  • The most extensive training and support in the industry.
  • Clients from day one. Hundreds of job requests you can work on immediately.
  • Hundreds of thousands of vetted candidates so you can ramp up quickly.
  • Mentors to guide you for as long as you need.
  • Instant ability to fill client’s multiple job needs as THE single point of contact.
  • Collaborative franchise owner culture so you can get the assistance you need.
  • Low overhead model.

Few, if any, franchises have a shorter path to cash flow than Patrice & Associates.

“In 2022, employers ended up adding an unprecedented 4.5 million jobs.”
– U.S. Chamber of Commerce


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Imagine having a business in an industry that is growing exponentially every year. There’s never been more need for staffing help at the managerial level and above.

I really liked the community of recruiters. This is a different kind of recruitment that maybe other agencies are competing with each other, and it’s cutthroat. That’s not the case with Patrice & Associates. We can all work together to fill job requests from clients. It’s basically like I have a staff or team of recruiters nationwide, and it has helped me have jobs to fill that I would not have had if I were working on my own.

Corina Mack

Top companies trust Patrice & Associates