Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruitment -perfect work from home opportunity for veterans!

More than 5,600 veterans have become franchisees in the past four years, according to the International Franchise Association. That’s thanks in no small part to the organization’s VetFran program, through which some 650 member companies offer discounts, mentorship and training to veterans seeking to become business owners. The initiative has been a boom to the sector: Franchisors find that vets, with their leadership and teamwork skills and propensity for following a system, make ideal franchisees.

We trust our military to keep us safe, whether they are across the globe or in our neighborhood. It only makes sense that they would be worthy of that trust in other areas of life, including business.

Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruitment  is committed to helping Veterans who want to start their own business.

  • We offer a $5,800 discount to Veterans
  • We offer third-party financing options
  • If you’re a foodie or just plain like to eat out – you will love the hospitality industry
  • If you like to help others  who may be looking for a job – you will love the recruitment industry
  • If you want to open a business and offer work-from-home opportunities to veterans to work for you as a recruiter – this is a perfect match.
  • We teach you everything you need to know.
  • We love veterans as business owners because they are self-disciplined and trained to follow a system.  A franchise is a system, which tells you step-by-step how to be successful, and veterans love structure

If you care about making a difference in peoples lives and want to have all the benefits of working from you.  This may be for you!


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